Venus Staffing has been in the business for 7 years booking talent. I would like to talk to you today about having a successful special event when you’re giving a trade show, promotional event, or any special event.

With me being well versed in the business, I know most of my clients have big complaints about other agencies.

The biggest complaint I get from my customers when booking talent through other agencies they get a lot of no call no shows. This gives an event planner decrees in the success of the event. To avoid no call no shows I have some tips for you. When booking talent with companies do these things

1. Make sure you make it very clear to your booking agent it is very important that each model/talent show up to work on time
2. Ask your agent or agency if the staff provided is under contract with them this will decrees the level of no shows.
3.  Ask your booking agent is there anything in place in the agreement where the talent pays a fine if he or she does show up for work ( this gives the talent an incentive to show up for work)

Tips providing by Venus Staffing