Finding a Professional Photographer Sunday, Aug 10 2008 

Venus Models

Venus Models

In today’s world it doesn’t take much to snap a photo. However finding a good photographer in Modeling can mean a career or not! With these dire consequences at hand we must make sure that the one we choose is the right one! Whether you are in New York City, Detroit, Dallas, Miami, Los Vegas, or Las Angeles there are a few tips that will remain the same. Below are some tips to remember when choosing a good photographer.

Tip 1: Referral- When you are choosing a good photographer in the world of modeling you must always know that they are good at what they do before you hire them. The best way to do this is getting a referral from someone in the field of modeling you know. Since they have already worked with them they can give you more information about them.

Tip 2: Experience- do not be afraid to ask them what experience they have had in photography. Asking them questions will give you a better understanding about them. After all in modeling the pictures are a big chuck of landing jobs. Ask for schooling and papers they may have to prove it. This will keep you well informed.

Tip 3: Equipment- Finding out what type of equipment they have and will be using is important. After all a photographer is only as good as his last photo.

Keeping these things in mind will help you find a photographer that meets your needs and can get you the jobs you deserve. Remember don’t be afraid to ask the questions. The only stupid question is the one not asked!

We provide trade show, promotional event, bartender and beverage service staffing, for your special events in over 100 cities including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, Detroit, Orange County and many more!

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Trade Show Models Atlanta/Venus Models Online Thursday, Aug 7 2008 

Venus Models Online is a company that provides trade show and convention talent in Atlanta and nation wide.

We provide trade show, promotional event, bartender and beverage service staffing, for your special events in over 100 cities including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, Detroit, Orange County and many more!

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We need your business and will go above and the call of duty to provide your company needs in Atlanta and nation wide.

Companies on a Rampage: Poor Ethics and Bad Manners in Modeling World Monday, Aug 4 2008 

The telephone rings- “Hello” I say with a smile “This is XYZ Company and I am looking for the perfect model. So far we had no luck finding the right measurements and I was wondering if you could help me” she says politely “Well I am not sure but we will certainly try our best.” I say with a glistening smile. I spent several weeks checking for the measurements until we found Amy! She was a gem and I rushed to let them know. They were very pleased with our success.

Amy did the event and when it was time to pay…..we say a whole new side of XYZ Company. They said that we did not find the model for them…that we were merely scoundrels looking for money…”

Freeze frame—

“Ethics is a big part if not the biggest part in business…treating people like this is the worst thing a business could do to another business…besides stealing customers of course!”


“We took them to court with all our evidence…voice recordings…and emails…etc…and the XYZ Company decided to settle out of court…how much? Our secret!”

The moral of this story? Don’t treat others this way. Whether you are in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Los Vegas it is unethical and it degrades your company as well as all that work for you. Venus Models Online doesn’t put up with it and neither should you!

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Getting Started in Print Modeling Friday, Aug 1 2008 

Here at Venus Models Online we ensure that all models are ready for the jobs they are hired for this means getting ready and being prepared. Ensuring that you have all the basic materials required as well as prepared mentally for the challenge.

Below are some tips to help you in your modeling pursuit whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Detroit, Dallas, or Chicago as well as 40-45 other states around the US here at Venus Models Online we walk our models through the importance of being prepared.

Tip 1: Remember to Be Yourself: This is important because it will show up on the shoot. You must be relaxed and never be afraid to let them know how you feel. This will help you gain focus and more control over how your photos come out. Lets face it everything comes out on camera.

Tip 2: Prepare your Portfolio: It is very important that you provide clear, head shots and body shots. They will want to see what you look like. It is best that these photos are taken by a professional to get the best quality photographs possible.

Tip 3: Limit the amount of makeup used in the photos: This will allow the agent to see what you really look like. It will give them a better idea of what they are working with.

Tip 4: Be on time! This is an important part of modeling. Show up early if you can to fill out paperwork or any additional requirements the agent or agency may have for you. Be professional at all times.

We hope this tips will lead you in the right direction…