Interested in Modeling….Don’t know how to Get Started? Friday, Oct 24 2008 

Interested in Modeling….Don’t know how to Get Started?

Choosing to become a model is a long term commitment. There are those of us who find their break in the modeling right away but this is a 1 in a million opportunity. The other 99.99% must create our moments. Venus Models Online understands the hard work involved in making your dreams happen and whether you are in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Atlantic City, New York, or even Vegas you must have the tools to get the job done. We want to give you some of the tools you will need to help you improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Below is a work up of some of the basic tools you will need to ensure you are headed in the right direction when it comes to modeling, whether its print, commercial, or runway the path is about the same so listen closely and jot down any notes you may need to get you on your path to success:

Tool 1: Desire: The glitz and glam of modeling is a big turn on to many, however when it comes down too it few have the drive needed to keep going. The first and most basic tool you need to be on your path to success is the desire to be a top model. Behind the glitz and glam is work and coming in knowing this will help your chances for success greatly.

Tool 2: Know what kind of model you want to be: Though modeling is pretty much the same in every industry there are a few variations. Being honest with yourself and knowing what type of model you want to specialize in up front will help you cut out the change in your plans later. For instance if you don’t like to walk /or pose in front of audiences then runway modeling probably isn’t for you. However print modeling maybe a better choice.

Tool 3: Prepare a Portfolio: When starting out it is important to have a professional portfolio created to give the potential agents a glimpse of you. Head shots, body shots, and additional poses will enable you to present yourself professionally.

Remember behind the glitz and glamor modeling is still a job and just as a job you must work your way to the top…
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Finding Balance as a Professional Model & in Your Personal Life: Saturday, Oct 18 2008 

Many of us today struggle with the work force and modeling is no different. There are many challenges that face models today. Struggles of everyday life affect them more than in most jobs. The struggle with diet, exercise and eating right can make it very difficult to find the perfect job.

However there are ways to balance your life with your work. Venus models Online would like to share some tips for your day to day regimen.

Tip1: Keeping a log: Though this sounds juvenile, keeping a log will help you determine your problem spots. Writing down what you do, eat, and how you work out each day will help you identify where you are struggling at and what areas you can strengthen.

Tip 2:  Doing the little things can help bunches. Such as not only changing what you eat but when you eat will help give your body the proper time to get rid of excess weight. Eating at an earlier time will assist with this.

Tip 3:  Eating more foods that can benefit your body, give you more energy, and strengthen you overall health would be beneficial. Foods that are high in iron, Vitamin B, and getting the proper balance of potassium can help you avoid exhaustion, over come illnesses, and hinder you in your modeling career.

No matter where you model be it New York, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, or any other major city being on top of you game in both in your personal life and professional life will give you the added confidence and physical desire you need to accomplish your goals.

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Finding a Professional Photographer Thursday, Oct 2 2008 

In today’s world it doesn’t take much to snap a photo. However finding a good photographer in Modeling can mean a career or not! With these dire consequences at hand we must make sure that the one we choose is the right one! Whether you are in New York City, Detroit, Dallas, Miami, Los Vegas, or Las Angeles there are a few tips that will remain the same. Below are some tips to remember when choosing a good photographer.

Tip 1: Referral- When you are choosing a good photographer in the world of modeling you must always know that they are good at what they do before you hire them. The best way to do this is getting a referral from someone in the field of modeling you know. Since they have already worked with them they can give you more information about them.

Tip 2: Experience- do not be afraid to ask them what experience they have had in photography. Asking them questions will give you a better understanding about them. After all in modeling the pictures are a big chuck of landing jobs. Ask for schooling and papers they may have to prove it. This will keep you well informed.

Tip 3: Equipment- Finding out what type of equipment they have and will be using is important. After all a photographer is only as good as his last photo.

Keeping these things in mind will help you find a photographer that meets your needs and can get you the jobs you deserve. Remember don’t be afraid to ask the questions. The only stupid question is the one not asked!

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Modeling Tips – Finding an Agent Wednesday, Oct 1 2008 

Breaking into the world of modeling is quite a challenge in today’s competitive world. However there are some things you can do to not only improve your chances in finding a good agent but also to protect yourself when you find one. Finding an agent shouldn’t be all about if they will accept you; you must be satisfied with them as well.

Below are a few tips to help you out:

Tip 1: Build a suitable portfolio- This is a very important step. Any agency you go too will want to see your portfolio. Setting up quality head shots will help them see you. Make sure they are taken with mild make-up and they are able to see your face clearly. It is important not to overdo them it will be hard for the agent to see the working template if there is too much or your face is hidden.

Tip 2: Be Persistent- This is important because there will be many “Rejections” in your search. You must understand that just because you are not suitable for one agent doesn’t mean you are not perfect for the next. Keeping high spirits will make it easier to move to the next prospective agent.

Tip 3: Find an Agent You are Comfortable with- Learning to be confident in yourself and not settling is another important step. Find an agent you feel comfortable working with take your time and remember you are placing your career in their hands.

Tip 4: Make sure your Interests are Protected- Quite often when someone places a contract before us we are so excited we don’t read it thoroughly. Be sure you take your time and don’t rush into it. If you are not sure about the contract take it to a lawyer have them read it. If they are a good agent they will understand.

Take your modeling seriously and don’t rush it. It will come just have the confidence and don’t settle for what looks good!

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit: