Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Ford Field Monday, Nov 24 2008 

Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Ford Field

Madonna Sticky & Sweet at the Ford Field

Musical Icon Madonna was sizzlin’ when she hit the stage on November 18th @ the Ford Field. She filled the arena holding over 80,000 roaring fans to what could only be known as a “Night to Remember” by all who attended. Some were stunned by her guitar tricks while others were mesmerized by her heated performance. Venus Models Online was fortunate enough to be at the Ford Field on the 18th to witness this grand event.

Madonna’s memorable performance on November 18th is still the talk of Detroiters everywhere. Her energy filled the arena, and her creative vibe is still reverberation there today. Additionally Madonna is scheduled to perform tomorrow in Atlanta Georgia at the Philip’s Arena and November 26th in Miami Florida. We will continue to watch her progress and bring you the latest scoop on her continued “Sticky & Sweet Tour” as it progresses.

In other fascinating Madonna news her mission to aid in assisting girls in Malawi, Africa is continuing. Madonna has dedicated her time and efforts off stage to building a Girls academy for the children of Africa. She is requesting our assistance in financial, voluntarism, and word of mouth to make her project a success. If you are interested in putting in your helping hands you can get more information on her website at:

And still more news in the world of Madonna when the Jay Leno Show set out a very special mission for a raging Madonna fan/ and staff member. Ross Mathews of the Jay Leno Show made it his mission to meet and physically meet Madonna before her concert on November 13th. Tune in to the website to find out if he completed his mission.

We at Venus Models Online want to say (WE Love you Madonna) we would like for you to use some of our dancers if you ever need them for your Sticky and Sweet tour or any of your upcoming events. We can even provide you some video footage of our dancers.
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Say tuned all this week for more “What’s Up” with Madonna news!

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Super Bowl 2009 & Venus Models Online Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

Are you looking to have the party of the century? Are you living in a nightmare making things happen, food, staffing, models—and the models…and more models? Do you want your party to be one people will remember? Venus Models Online is a great staffing company to ensure you have top quality staff, and the best models for your big event and an affordable price. Venus Models Online ensures dependability at a price we all can afford.

Provided by Venus Models Online

Provided by Venus Models Online

Provided By Venus Models Online

Provided By Venus Models Online


Venus Models Online staffing believes there is no number too high – – or too low. So whether your party is a big one – – or just your friends and family. Look to Venus Models Online to provide you with the best models, wait-staff, and bartenders in the business! Venus Models Online provides staffing in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and any other city you can think of…

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The SEMA Show Convention 2008 & Venus Models Online Friday, Nov 14 2008 

Venus Models Online was at this grand event this year. In Attendance 120,000 leaders in the Auto industry. Sharing products, services, and educational material the SEMA show attracts visitors from over 100 countries. One of the biggest events of the year.

Venus Models Online assisted in the staffing of some of the events of the convention. Take a look at this picture of the event.

2008 SEMA Show Las Vegas Nevada

2008 SEMA Show Las Vegas Nevada

Each year Auto enthusiasts and even those just curious attend the convention lasting about four days the SEMA show is a highlight of some of the things Las Vegas has to offer. For more information on the SEMA Show visit:

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit:

National Auto Show Event Staffing: Venus Models Online Introduces SEMA 2008 Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 

This month Venus Models Online provided staffing for several vendors at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nevada. Looking ahead at some of the upcoming schedules Venus Models Online would like to assist you with your staffing for the International 2009 Auto Show, after Parties, and Gala’s throughout the United States.

SEMA 2008 went off without a hitch and to show you a bit of the excitement we are providing you with pictures of the event.

SEMA Show 2008

SEMA Show 2008

Additionally Venus Models Online is working on Staffing for the upcoming PRI Show and if you are interested you can contact us right away…need a model last minute to cover your advertising ads, website, or just to look pretty at your event? Venus Models Online is the staffing solution for you. We also have staffing for Bartenders, Caterers, and Waitstaff to fit your needs. You tell us what you need and we will provide it.

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3 Tips to Building Your First Modeling Portfolio Friday, Nov 7 2008 

Finding an agent is difficult and there is a lot of competition along the way. So how do we build the best portfolio to get the job done. We want to find the best agency possible to represent us so we need to learn the things that the agents look for in their models portfolios.

While many agencies can look at models and see raw talent, it is important for you to show them as much of yourself as you can in your portfolio. Ensuring that you give them many versatile ideas when they view you. Below are 3 ways to do just this:

1. Wardrobe- Be sure that your wardrobe has several variations. Giving a diverse array of styles and ideas. This should portray the model’s style all over the pages.

2. Reducing Makeup and Jewelry- While it is important to get a good look at you; they want to see you…not a lot of makeup. Leave the makeup to the industry. If you must wear it be sure it is natural and not overdone.If you do take pictures with makeup be sure to ad more natural looking picture to your portfolio so that the booking agent can see different looks you may have to offer.

3. Displaying your Personality- Personality and uniqueness in a model is important to the agents. Be sure your personality shines through in your pictures. Don’t be afraid to show them who you are after all it is your portfolio.

Keeping these things in mind when preparing your portfolio will help you produce something you are proud of. If you don’t like something take it out and get a new one. After all your portfolio is a representation of you! No matter if you live in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, or any where else it is up to you to show what you’ve got!!

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Understanding the Model Friday, Nov 7 2008 

Over the course of decades there have been several agents come and go. The difference between the modeling agency Venus Models Online and todays agency is the way we view our models. Finding a placement for our models is important to us; but not as important as finding a place that fits our models.

Why is this important? Not only should the model fit what the client is looking for but if the model is not comfortable with the placement he/she is in they can not perform to their fullest. So it is equally important that they can fit hand in hand.

Getting to know your models is more than just ensuring a pretty face but additionally getting to know them, their demeanor, and attitude towards the game. For instance:

Demeanor: Their demeanor will often depict how the shot will go. If they are in an especially agitated mood it will reflect on the camera. If they are not comfortable there it will reflect in the camera making it difficult to do the shoot.

Attitude: quite often the attitude of the model will reflect how they act, listen, and produce on location. If the model has a particular attitude at that time, they may be a bit frustrated, a bit temperamental when the shoot is experiencing difficulty, overall if the model is too moody there may not be a way to get a good shoot out of that model.

It is not just the agencies responsibility to ensure a good shoot. The model plays a large part in its outcome and will determining overall how the shoot will go. If they are flexible much can get done. If they are open minded they can create the vibe needed to get the photos right in the shoot.

Finding your light whether you are the client or the model is important. Helping any way you can will ensure a good experience whether you are in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Houston, or any other city.

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Talent TV on Venus Models Online! Thursday, Nov 6 2008 

Be a Star!

For many years we have struggled as artists to display our talent to those who matter…or so we think. Today we are merely asking you to trust us and give us your all. We have provided a section of our website that can showcase those talents without industry judgment but peer judgment.

Allow your fellow peers the opportunity to view and comment on your talent. Let them review what you are showcasing and give real opinions to you of ways to improve your game for the big time!

If you think you have what it takes and want to showcase your talent…Tune into Talent TV on Venus Models Online…showing all types of talent and the not so talented…If you want to see how you rank tune back in and listen to what your peers are talking about….or simply ask.

Whether you are in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, or any other place around the world merely send your video footage to or simply send us the link if you are posted on Youtube…Facebook…or Myspace and we can get you on Talent TV!

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Talent TV on Venus Models Online!

Coming soon to a computer near year!

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