Finding an agent is difficult and there is a lot of competition along the way. So how do we build the best portfolio to get the job done. We want to find the best agency possible to represent us so we need to learn the things that the agents look for in their models portfolios.

While many agencies can look at models and see raw talent, it is important for you to show them as much of yourself as you can in your portfolio. Ensuring that you give them many versatile ideas when they view you. Below are 3 ways to do just this:

1. Wardrobe- Be sure that your wardrobe has several variations. Giving a diverse array of styles and ideas. This should portray the model’s style all over the pages.

2. Reducing Makeup and Jewelry- While it is important to get a good look at you; they want to see you…not a lot of makeup. Leave the makeup to the industry. If you must wear it be sure it is natural and not overdone.If you do take pictures with makeup be sure to ad more natural looking picture to your portfolio so that the booking agent can see different looks you may have to offer.

3. Displaying your Personality- Personality and uniqueness in a model is important to the agents. Be sure your personality shines through in your pictures. Don’t be afraid to show them who you are after all it is your portfolio.

Keeping these things in mind when preparing your portfolio will help you produce something you are proud of. If you don’t like something take it out and get a new one. After all your portfolio is a representation of you! No matter if you live in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, or any where else it is up to you to show what you’ve got!!

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