How does one approach a “Pop Icon?” While many of us will never know that experience, Marc Jacobs can tell you his experience in that arena. His approach when he asked the Pop Icon to join him in his new venture on Thursday.

According to his exact words on the concept of Madonna joining their venture were:


“be very bold, very sensual, and very atmospheric. To carry this off, we needed the ultimate performer- and for me, that is Madonna.”

Madonna’s Response to the offer? Quite simple…”I’d love to”…

Madonna is still working her way around the world with her Sticky and Sweet Tour and has already beaten her own record for most money made on a single tour entering the arena of 287 million dollars. Madonna is truly and exceptional musician her inspiration, creativeness, and brilliance has stunned us all over the ages.

While her hopeful new venture won’t be like the movies she is so experienced in like Arthur and the Invisibles from 2006 starring Robert DeNiro, and David Bowie. Two great characters themselves…it will highlight the areas we all know she is great at. Her exotic look, her creative ideas, and of course her brilliant performances that she has shown us time and time again.

For those of you who are not sure Marc Jacobs has been working with French design brand Louis Vuitton since 1998. He has collaborated with the company helping to start their world known “Graffiti Line” and worked with several celebrities in Advertising campaigns world wide. His latest venture is shapping up to include Madonna only time will tell!

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