Making History: Inaugural Coverage That Will Last a Life Time Wednesday, Jan 21 2009 

This historic day brings us yet another step closer to our goal. The unity of today will be a guide for generations of Americans for years to come. After the 44th President pledged his oath millions of Americans and people across the globe celebrated in continued happiness. For change, for unity, for what is still to come. A moment awaited by many Americans from today and yesterday.

People stood in cold temperatures and crowded conditions to see the event first hand. Millions lined the streets to sneak just a peak at the passing of the torch. And yet still rejoice for we have our victory! The heart felt moments and soothing thoughts of our new time in history will be well documented.

Tonight the charming and inspiring voices of our favorite artists ring loudly as all the world continues to watch. The voices of our greatest inspirations like Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey will be well remembered throughout history. The cheers of our children and the awakening of a country will surely fill our days.

Listen as Beyonce sings to the first dance:

Or Aretha Franklin sings to our national anthem:

And hear the beautiful voice of Mariah Carey as she sings her tribute to change:

Can we do it?

“Yes We Can!”

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Listen to my blog talk! Monday, Jan 19 2009 

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Jennifer Hudson is back super bowl bound Wednesday, Jan 14 2009 

Remember the beautiful diva that took our breathe away- Artist Jennifer Hudson? Swinging and floating in a spotlight all of her own. After her tragic ordeal no one was really sure how soon, or what she would do next. According to AP [Associated press] Jennifer Hudson is back in the swing of things once again and she’s ready to do the super bowl!

Yeah you heard me right, the Super Bowl XL111 in Tampa Bay Florida Jennifer is scheduled to sing the national anthem. She is excited to get back out there and despite what has happed to her family she is taking it one step at a time.

Jennifer is also scheduled to perform a few days later at the Grammy’s where she is also up for an award for her self titled album “Jennifer Hudson”

Also scheduled to do the half time show is non other than Bruce Springsteen! A trip in time, and a “Rock Out” at the super bowl. The city of Tampa Bay is hosting a boat load of exciting events to kick off this years Super Bowl right.

With events all the way up to that big day! There is something to do for everyone so put on your traveling hat and get out there to start your Super Bowl early this year. For more information on the super bowl visit:

Madonna & Britney Do it Again? Thursday, Jan 8 2009 

According to the latest chatter on the net, word is Madonna is deciding to make a special guest appearance in Britney’s show on her upcoming tour. Madonna is excited to be a part of the “Circus” tour after the two of them lit up the stage on Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour.

After Britney’s short departure, she is hyped to get back out there and get going. Her fans are feeling the energy as well. The entertainers did such a great job with the choreography from the Madonna tour that they hired Jamie King to do the choreography once again.

The tour is set to start off in March of 2009 and they have added some cities because of the high response by her fans including places like London, Newark, and Los Angeles.

A source told Contact Music that:


“This is going to be a high energy dance routine- getting back to what they are both good at: Performing.”

Britney hasn’t performed in 5 years and as she is a little anxious so are her fans. Wanting to see what she has to offer, and the excitement and energy she brings to the table Madonna will be an added delight. To read more on this upcoming tour visit:

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“Britney Spears” and the “Pussycat Dolls” do the Circus Saturday, Jan 3 2009 

Britney Spears is going on tour! Special guests? The Pussycat Dolls! As we all know Britney’s new CD has gone platinum and she wants to make her presence felt. With tour dates starting in March of 2009 it is sure to make millions. Tickets are on sale now at

Britney Spears plans to shed new light on the circus this year. Millions of fans await the ring entertainment. The tickets sales did so well on the upcoming tour they have added several stops on their journey this year. All that is left is for us to see what happens. Some of the additional cities were: Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark, Oakland, and London!

Why is Britney sharing her tour with the Pussycat Dolls? Well…aside from her own success, she wanted to share the spotlight with other successful artists. The Pussycat Dolls started out as a burlesque Troupe in 1995 and has morphed into quite the girl band.

Their success includes topping the billboard charts in 2003, to being nominated for a Grammy after only a few years in the music biz, to the construction of “ The Pussycat Doll Lounge” in April 2005 to the grand opening of “The Pussycat Dolls Casino” in February 2007. Face it those girls are blowin’ up!

And Quite frankly there are a few questioning, although extremely excited fans in the world of Britney Spears. After all its been 5 years since she has really done any performances. To say the least this is one circus you wont want to miss!

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