This historic day brings us yet another step closer to our goal. The unity of today will be a guide for generations of Americans for years to come. After the 44th President pledged his oath millions of Americans and people across the globe celebrated in continued happiness. For change, for unity, for what is still to come. A moment awaited by many Americans from today and yesterday.

People stood in cold temperatures and crowded conditions to see the event first hand. Millions lined the streets to sneak just a peak at the passing of the torch. And yet still rejoice for we have our victory! The heart felt moments and soothing thoughts of our new time in history will be well documented.

Tonight the charming and inspiring voices of our favorite artists ring loudly as all the world continues to watch. The voices of our greatest inspirations like Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey will be well remembered throughout history. The cheers of our children and the awakening of a country will surely fill our days.

Listen as Beyonce sings to the first dance:

Or Aretha Franklin sings to our national anthem:

And hear the beautiful voice of Mariah Carey as she sings her tribute to change:

Can we do it?

“Yes We Can!”

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