The Grammy Nominated Singer in her first performance since the deviating death of her family members last year. Her true spirit shined as she lightened ears on camera and off watching tonight’s performance. To match she wore her navy blues vest and white shirt, highlighting the ensemble in brilliant gold.

Along with her brilliant glow Jennifer stunned watching audiences with her tremendous vocal performance. The national anthem was truly a song that touched her heart. Many are already vocalizing their opinions of the singer online. Sharing their change in her status in many of the minds of the audience. She has definitely shown America what a true star she is.

Jennifer Hudson amazed many on the Third season of American Idol. Her performance was yet still shocking when see won her academy award, Sag award, and Golden globe awards for her part in “Dream Girls” in 2006. Now Shocking America once more with her performance in tonights Super Bowl.

Her next appearance? The Grammy Awards on February 8th. According to MTV she will be performing at this years Grammy’s. Next on her agenda. While many are awaiting her performance a few new faces will take notice after tonight!

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