551_jessyca-fl-21Venus Models Online is a company that provides trade show and convention talent in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County California  and nation wide.

We provide trade show, promotional event, bartender and beverage service staffing, for your special events in over 100 cities including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, Detroit, Orange County and many more!

Go to http://www.venusmodelsonline.com
Staffing Services:

* Alcohol/Liquor Promotions
* Convention & Tradeshow Staffing
* Event Staffing
* Automotive Promotions
* Entertainment & Sports Promotions
* Promotional Modeling
* In-Store Promotions
* Food & Beverage Promotions
* Concert Tours
* Dancers
* Actors/Actress
* Print Models
* Event Managers
* Tour Managers
* Host & Hostesses
* Specialty Staffing
* Temp Labor
* And many more!

We need your business and will go above and the call of duty to provide your company needs in Las Vegas/Los Angeles/Orange County California and nation wide