Is Brittney Spears back in action again? Has her recent jazzy and uplifting performances with Madonna put her back in the saddle? Her recent video “Womanizer” is definitely causing a stir in social circles. Her creative and witty video with choreography much like Madonna’s will definitely draw a crowd.

Her sexy yet playful choreography depicts her in a sophisticated, yet appealing light for her viewers. Her play with black -n- white in her ensemble and interior shows the playful side of Britney. Reminding us much of a young Madonna.

2008 Womanizer Video

The new improved Britney is much different than the Britney we once new:

2002 on Nickelodeon when she hosted TeeNick.

While Britney has clearly gotten older – her experience should bring in a much wider, more experienced audiences than days before. This year will be an exciting time for Britney with all the changes she is undergoing.

Britney’s full team is back with the return of Felicia Culotta Britney’s assistant from 1998-2007 she is excited to be there to help Britney in such a moment in her career:


“I Love Britney and missed her dearly”

states a teary Culotta.

News for her next tour? We will have to wait and see!