Reuben Graces the American Idol Stage and Stevie Wonder Performs Saturday, Mar 28 2009 

In the world of American Idol rumors flew the most about Reuben Studdard. His stand-offish behavior to TMZ when they questioned him about attending another American Idol show was quite disturbing to many. However despite our debuts Reuben attended, and gave us another performance on Thursday. A shock to say the least.

In attendance was also the legendary Stevie Wonder, its always a pleasure to hear his unique sounds. Stevie Wonder also performed at the White House on February 25th of this year receiving the Lifetime achievement award.

Many other artists performed in honor of Stevie Wonder that night. And many remember the journey Stevie took with the president all the way up to the election and beyond.

Who will be voted off in the next American Idol show and who will be honored next in the heart of our President? Only time will tell~ Until next time,


Legal Issues Pushed to the Way-Side: Chris Brown and Rihanna Pick Up the Pieces? Thursday, Mar 26 2009 

Well many of us are still stunned by the events of February 8th, Chris Brown and Rihanna are making the best out of things. Recent events may show that they are getting past the legal issues and dealing with everyday life again.

E news reports that on March 18th Rihanna’s limo driver was issued a ticket after speeding away from a recent party she attended. The limo didn’t have a licenses plate and to top it off he ran the red light after going in the wrong direction!

Reports say it was to evade the paparazzi. The diver was merely issued a ticket and Rihanna was on her way. One would say you should check these things before getting in someone else’s car it could have been worse than that.

In further news Chris Brown was spotted taking a college tour? It appears he has more faith in his lawyer than the majority of society does. He was spotted visiting his home state of Virginia’s own “Norfolk State University” for a tour with his cousin.

It is grand that he is into family matters. But one would think he would have other pressing matters on his mind; like the arraignment on April 6th. Time will tell what is up for these two. And we will be there to bring you all the juicy details.

Until than~


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3 Tips to Better Event Planning Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 

Planning an event can be tedious, time consuming, and stressful. Locating reliable and dependable staff can seem like an impossible dream. However there are several companies that can get the job done right.

Below are three tips to helping you create the perfect event:

Tip 1: Set up realistic goals~ Before you plan the event you must evaluate what you want to get out of the event. If it is for business, pleasure, or personal reasons and how much time to spend planning before hand. If you are planning a larger event you should set up longer hours to pre-pare and plan your event efficiently.

Tip 2: Research, Research, Research~ This task is quite over looked. The more time you spend doing you home work the more effective and smoothly the event will go. Plan for the amount of people, budget, and research any companies or individuals you plan to work with well before hand. This will give you time to make sure they check out. You can also ask them any questions you require.

Tip 3: Set up a plan template: You must make sure that you are well organized, and provide good communication to all involved. Presenting them with a plan that maps out you objectives, budget, and deadlines is the perfect way to keep them informed. Good communication is required in an event of any kind no matter how small you think it is.

Over all event planning can be very stressful and taxing on the body. However if you keep good communication, and stay organized things will run a lot smoother. Don’t be afraid to outline the responsibilities of each party. This will help them better understand what is expected of them and how to go about doing it.

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DoSomething.Org Does Something About Dating Violence: Chris Brown and Rihanna Alleged Incident Re-Enacted Monday, Mar 23 2009 

The Months of February and March have stunned us all. With the alleged domestic violence between Chris Brown and Rihanna. However has made it an example and used the event to bring attention to Domestic violence in teen dating. The Alleged incident was re-enacted as a Public Service Announcement on the Do Something Website.

Dating Abuse Re-Enactment~

The simple video was a mere two minutes but has placed a powerful impact on the issues of Teen Dating in todays age. 1 in 3 Teens are abused in teen relationships and they are looking to us to take a stand on the issue. Their program gives free bracelets to those who request them. One blue and two black to represent the statistics.

Lil’ Kim Speaks Out About Chris Brown and Rihanna

The end of the video makes a simple statement:


“Mad? Do Something About it. 1 in 3 Teens are abused in a relationships.”

As for Chris Brown and Rihanna. While Rihanna is healing, Chris Brown will remember February 8th 2009 for quite a while. His Arraignment is set for April 6th, 2009~ As for the rest of us we will simply have to wait and see.

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Rihanna Speaks Out For Chris Brown- New Information Friday, Mar 6 2009 

Today Chris Brown attended court for charges occurring in February. Though the Arraignment was delayed until April 6th Rihanna requested that the judge not keep her from Chris Brown while the case is in court. According to CNN there is a lot of evidence against Chris Brown and he may not be able to skate on this one!

Discussion today with Rick Sanchez and Ashleigh Banfield on CNN was quite a story. The discussion involved the evidence and possible future of Chris Brown. He was charged with two felonies including assault with intent to do great bodily harm – with a maximum sentence of 4 years also possible charges for threats made – This holds a weight of 3 years.

Witnesses and text messages corroborate Rihanna story the night of the accident and Chris Brown could face 7 years. However despite all of the evidence in the case Rihanna still wants to see Chris Brown. What is their Future going to look like? Well you have to wait until next month to find that out!

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Chris Brown and Rihanna Happily Ever After? Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 

About 3 weeks ago we were shocked by the a steamed couple- Chris Brown and Rihanna. The battered face of the pop star shocked millions. In yet another shocking turn of events reports show that the couple have been trying to reconcile their differences.

Right? Many wonder and after the out pour of supporters for Rihanna I am sure that it is quite a disturbing change of events.

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been spotted together on the islands of “Sean Diddy Combs” what does this mean for the young couple? At this time many are still unsure. It is still unclear what the prosecutors intend to do with this very public information. As their case may not be as strong without their star witness to testify.

The disturbing photos taken of Rihanna just three weeks ago still linger in the minds of the fans, youth, and public in general. Although it seems to be moving from the heads of those who should remember it most vividly.

Rihanna’s father on the other hand said just 3 weeks ago to US Magazine:


“I hope he learned his lesson, and that won’t happen to another woman” said Ronald Fenty.

But just how much does he support his daughters latest decision to spend time once again with Chris Brown? This still lingers in the air. Rihanna seems to be happy and after all isn’t that what we all want for the youngsters?

“Still up for debate- Will it be a happily ever after?”

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