About 3 weeks ago we were shocked by the a steamed couple- Chris Brown and Rihanna. The battered face of the pop star shocked millions. In yet another shocking turn of events reports show that the couple have been trying to reconcile their differences.

Right? Many wonder and after the out pour of supporters for Rihanna I am sure that it is quite a disturbing change of events.

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been spotted together on the islands of “Sean Diddy Combs” what does this mean for the young couple? At this time many are still unsure. It is still unclear what the prosecutors intend to do with this very public information. As their case may not be as strong without their star witness to testify.

The disturbing photos taken of Rihanna just three weeks ago still linger in the minds of the fans, youth, and public in general. Although it seems to be moving from the heads of those who should remember it most vividly.

Rihanna’s father on the other hand said just 3 weeks ago to US Magazine:


“I hope he learned his lesson, and that won’t happen to another woman” said Ronald Fenty.

But just how much does he support his daughters latest decision to spend time once again with Chris Brown? This still lingers in the air. Rihanna seems to be happy and after all isn’t that what we all want for the youngsters?

“Still up for debate- Will it be a happily ever after?”

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