Today Chris Brown attended court for charges occurring in February. Though the Arraignment was delayed until April 6th Rihanna requested that the judge not keep her from Chris Brown while the case is in court. According to CNN there is a lot of evidence against Chris Brown and he may not be able to skate on this one!

Discussion today with Rick Sanchez and Ashleigh Banfield on CNN was quite a story. The discussion involved the evidence and possible future of Chris Brown. He was charged with two felonies including assault with intent to do great bodily harm – with a maximum sentence of 4 years also possible charges for threats made – This holds a weight of 3 years.

Witnesses and text messages corroborate Rihanna story the night of the accident and Chris Brown could face 7 years. However despite all of the evidence in the case Rihanna still wants to see Chris Brown. What is their Future going to look like? Well you have to wait until next month to find that out!

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