23a71Beyonce gave an outstanding performance in new movie that was released this past Friday, proving once again that when it comes to performing she can do it all, as she performed her own stunts in the new fatale attraction thriller.

Beyonce’s character confronts legal issues, including sexual harassment, stalking, and suicide. You will hold on to the edge of you seat as you watch Beyonce and Ali Later characters in action,these two actresses gave a fantastic performance.

I am looking forward to seeing Ali Later in more movies.

“Obsessed” topped the North American box office Friday with a surprising $11.1 million in ticket sales

“Obsessed” Trailer:

Your children can enjoy Beyonce as she makes a guest appearance on Wow! Wow! Wubbzy as Shine of The WubbGirlz! WubbGirlz perform Sing A Song in the movie Wubb Idol.

Wubb Idol will air on Nickelodeon on April 27th at
10:00am, and will Re-Air on May 1st at 1:00pm

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