The Fish (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The Pisces girl is very charming, sensitive, angelic, fascinating and at first glance is every guys dream with her ability to appear so wide eyed and helpless; she appears much more helpless and needy than she really is, don’t crowd her there may not be enough of her to go around her phone rings with lots of men and she is very popular with the guys.

She is the most feminine of all the zodiac girls and although she appears to be helpless she is iron-strong and has a touch of playboy bunny to add some pepper she is of high value it should not be surprising she is at premium. The Neptune female seldom tries to overshadow her man, married or single she hasn’t the slightest hidden neurotic desire to dominate him in any way, he can pull out her chair put on her coat, whistle for her a taxi she will look at him with wide eyes and tell him how much she needs him to protect her from the cruel world. The free spirited dreamer does not live in the real world she is full of amagination,fantasy, dreams and romance.

If she not careful can result in drug and alcohol abuse or to much daydreaming she can also be a procrastinator and at times have inappropriate loud outburst and laugh at the wrong time be very indecisive, she will not give direct answers and can be very mysterious.

For the most part the Pisces girl is very kind charming, loyal, sensitive, romantic, free-spirited and likes adventure and is also very creative, giving, spiritual and will take great care of her friends and cater to others, she has a psychic ability and can be very elusive.

How to love your Pisces Girl

Guide her through a crowd hold her hand and show her which way to go, share your deepest thoughts, take the lead take long walks by the water, have a candle light dinner with a glass of wine, take your Pisces girl to the Museum or Pottery Class, take her out to go dancing, take her on a vacation,watch a romantic comedy with her at home.

Sex with a Pisces

Sex with Pisces is an emotional and physical experience, and if you allow it, it will be a spiritual experience as well. Pisces are very good at, and love role-play.They love erotic games for they are able to get completely involved and lose themselves in the erotic play. Acting fully in their roles. They like to seduce, enjoy risqué encounters and offbeat activities and enjoy sexual masochism.

Best Signs for Pisces to Date
Capicorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo

Worst Sign for Pisces to Date
Gemini, Taurus and Leo

Great Careers for Pisces

All Pisceans are highly sensitive and creative individuals at work. They will swiftly adapt to change.
The best careers for Pisceans are creative careers like acting, dancing, theatre, writing, and interior designing, so on and so on, as they have a highly imaginative mind. Pisceans in the right career will have a bright future and will be lauded for their achievements. They also make great lawyers and caterers. Surprisingly they also make good detective because they can understand how the criminal mind works. Their sensitive and caring side makes them perfectly suited to be doctors, nurses or social workers. The 9-5 routine irks them, as they hate discipline of any sort.

Watch Video on Pisces

How to make a Pisces Fall in Love with you

Famous Female Celebrity Pisces

Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, Vanessa Williams, Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Kristen Davis, Sharon Stone, Erykah Badu

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