What’s Next for Adam Lambert? Monday, May 25 2009 


Though many fans were saddened during  Wednesday’s finally, when they announced Kris Allen as the winner- Adam wasn’t among them. His excitement and thrill to have come that far was well expressed in his after the show interview.

The Interview:

Though Adam would have made a great Idol to many he feels that “ it’s not about tonight it’s about the future” for him now. Keeping his tongue tied he did let it slip that he has a few offers he is looking into, and his most important thing now is getting in the studio and putting out a “Dope Record”.

While many have their own ideas for Adam its clear he is making his path. And while many fans screamed in amazement and excitement Wednesday when he sang with legends “Queen” it was clear big things are in the works for Adam. What however- we will have to wait and see!

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Vs. Star Trek Continued… Monday, May 11 2009 

The race was on with these two anticipated movies. Things looked great for X-Men Origins: Wolverine last weekend at the box office when they smashed the competition with $85 million in sales.

The big question was will they keep their reigns this past weekend when Star Trek graced the much awaited stage? Well as we all can see- Star Trek bet them out by over $40 million dollars as Wolverine brought in only $27 million in its 2nd weekend.

The budget for “Star Trek” was over $100 million dollars and Paramount is looking to make at least $200 million this summer grossing over $60 million in profit off the anticipated film $$$. Director J.J. Abrams out did his self on this intense film.

Star Trek Trailer:

Paramount’s vice chairman Rob Moore anticipated Star Trek to gross over $200 million this summer and with the $76 million from its opening weekend, and $4 million in pre-screenings on Thursday its well on its way. So will the competition for number one continue to push between the two movies? We hope to find out over the course of this summer.

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Dennis Rodman Dines and Dashes? Sunday, May 10 2009 


Dennis Rodman former Pro-Basketball player for teams including the Detroit Piston’s and the Los Angeles Lakers allegedly dined, and dashed on a bill last night at the Gansevoort Hotel in Miami. The bill was said to be $1000 dollars; Rodman and party tried to leave without paying! When they were approached a brawl started when one of them punched the General Manger in the face.

Highlights: NBA

After that the fight lead to the street causing damage to a Lamborghini parked on the sidewalk. The hotel agreed not to press charges if the bill was paid- as the money magically appeared, during the ruckus Rodman dodged the scene.

Highlights: Dennis & WWF

Dennis Rodman started his career in the NBA playing for the Detroit Pistons in 1986 and retired from pro-ball after his 1999-2000 year. Dennis Rodman was the first Pro star to pose naked for PETA in 2005.

Britney Spears Concert Interrupted:Fans Devastated~ Friday, Apr 10 2009 

Reports say that Britney Spears apparently walked off the stage during Wednesday’s performance in Vancouver, British Columbia because it was too Smokey. Fans were stunned at her reaction and booed her for leaving the stage.

Britney Spears Leaves the Stage: Vancouver Circus Concert~

The superstar left audience waiting a reported 20 minutes before returning with an explanation. Saying they needed to quit smoking cigarettes and Marijuana in the arena. The superstar could be a spokeswomen for anti-marijuana organizations with her memorable lines after the show:

Thanks Vancouver. You were wonderful. Drive safe. Don’t smoke weed.”

Britney Spears has been on her Circus tour since April of this year. Her next stop is scheduled for Tacoma today and on April 11th she will be in Sacramento California. Marijuana smokers beware~

Until next time~

DoSomething.Org Does Something About Dating Violence: Chris Brown and Rihanna Alleged Incident Re-Enacted Monday, Mar 23 2009 

The Months of February and March have stunned us all. With the alleged domestic violence between Chris Brown and Rihanna. However DoSomething.org has made it an example and used the event to bring attention to Domestic violence in teen dating. The Alleged incident was re-enacted as a Public Service Announcement on the Do Something Website.

Dating Abuse Re-Enactment~

The simple video was a mere two minutes but has placed a powerful impact on the issues of Teen Dating in todays age. 1 in 3 Teens are abused in teen relationships and they are looking to us to take a stand on the issue. Their program gives free bracelets to those who request them. One blue and two black to represent the statistics.

Lil’ Kim Speaks Out About Chris Brown and Rihanna

The end of the video makes a simple statement:


“Mad? Do Something About it. 1 in 3 Teens are abused in a relationships.”

As for Chris Brown and Rihanna. While Rihanna is healing, Chris Brown will remember February 8th 2009 for quite a while. His Arraignment is set for April 6th, 2009~ As for the rest of us we will simply have to wait and see.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna Happily Ever After? Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 

About 3 weeks ago we were shocked by the a steamed couple- Chris Brown and Rihanna. The battered face of the pop star shocked millions. In yet another shocking turn of events reports show that the couple have been trying to reconcile their differences.

Right? Many wonder and after the out pour of supporters for Rihanna I am sure that it is quite a disturbing change of events.

Chris Brown and Rihanna have been spotted together on the islands of “Sean Diddy Combs” what does this mean for the young couple? At this time many are still unsure. It is still unclear what the prosecutors intend to do with this very public information. As their case may not be as strong without their star witness to testify.

The disturbing photos taken of Rihanna just three weeks ago still linger in the minds of the fans, youth, and public in general. Although it seems to be moving from the heads of those who should remember it most vividly.

Rihanna’s father on the other hand said just 3 weeks ago to US Magazine:


“I hope he learned his lesson, and that won’t happen to another woman” said Ronald Fenty.

But just how much does he support his daughters latest decision to spend time once again with Chris Brown? This still lingers in the air. Rihanna seems to be happy and after all isn’t that what we all want for the youngsters?

“Still up for debate- Will it be a happily ever after?”

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Britney Spears Back in the Saddle? Wednesday, Feb 18 2009 

Is Brittney Spears back in action again? Has her recent jazzy and uplifting performances with Madonna put her back in the saddle? Her recent video “Womanizer” is definitely causing a stir in social circles. Her creative and witty video with choreography much like Madonna’s will definitely draw a crowd.

Her sexy yet playful choreography depicts her in a sophisticated, yet appealing light for her viewers. Her play with black -n- white in her ensemble and interior shows the playful side of Britney. Reminding us much of a young Madonna.

2008 Womanizer Video

The new improved Britney is much different than the Britney we once new:

2002 on Nickelodeon when she hosted TeeNick.

While Britney has clearly gotten older – her experience should bring in a much wider, more experienced audiences than days before. This year will be an exciting time for Britney with all the changes she is undergoing.

Britney’s full team is back with the return of Felicia Culotta Britney’s assistant from 1998-2007 she is excited to be there to help Britney in such a moment in her career:


“I Love Britney and missed her dearly”

states a teary Culotta.

News for her next tour? We will have to wait and see!