Venus Models Online and The Final Four Friday, Apr 3 2009 

Venus Models Online Staffed models for this years Final Four Events in Detroit, MI. There is a lot to do this year in Metro Detroit with events reaching from Cobo Hall to Comerica Park, Detroit will be this weekends it spot.

Cobo Hall~

Ribbon cutting Ceremonies- to get the festivities going at 11:00am.

To the NCAA Final Four Dribble~ Hosts children of all ages dribbling from Brush & Adams street to Cobo Center. Registration starting at 11:30.

Hoop City: Running from April 3rd to April 6 you can do anything from

Shooting and Jumpin to the final buzzer
Photo Opps.
Autograph Sessions
To Performances

Tickets range:

$8 for 12 and up
$6 for ages 3-11 and seniors 55 plus
Military and students

Ages 2 and under get in free this year.

Events at Comerica Park

Comerica park is hosting events as well at gate C:

Mini Ballpark Tours
NCAA Merchandise Stores

Store hours this year:

Friday 10- 5 pm
Saturday 10-7pm
Sunday 11-5pm
Monday 4 until the final bell

With many events and opportunities to watch all three games on the big screen there will be plenty to do in Metro Detroit. Many area hotels are sold out of rooms and were charging anything from $300-$500 a room for the events.

You can also purchase a suite in the Ford Field to watch all 3 games for $1500. Detroit it hoping this weekend will improve its suffering in our economic crisis and its expecting to rake in the bucks.

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3 Tips to Better Event Planning Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 

Planning an event can be tedious, time consuming, and stressful. Locating reliable and dependable staff can seem like an impossible dream. However there are several companies that can get the job done right.

Below are three tips to helping you create the perfect event:

Tip 1: Set up realistic goals~ Before you plan the event you must evaluate what you want to get out of the event. If it is for business, pleasure, or personal reasons and how much time to spend planning before hand. If you are planning a larger event you should set up longer hours to pre-pare and plan your event efficiently.

Tip 2: Research, Research, Research~ This task is quite over looked. The more time you spend doing you home work the more effective and smoothly the event will go. Plan for the amount of people, budget, and research any companies or individuals you plan to work with well before hand. This will give you time to make sure they check out. You can also ask them any questions you require.

Tip 3: Set up a plan template: You must make sure that you are well organized, and provide good communication to all involved. Presenting them with a plan that maps out you objectives, budget, and deadlines is the perfect way to keep them informed. Good communication is required in an event of any kind no matter how small you think it is.

Over all event planning can be very stressful and taxing on the body. However if you keep good communication, and stay organized things will run a lot smoother. Don’t be afraid to outline the responsibilities of each party. This will help them better understand what is expected of them and how to go about doing it.

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For design assistance visit: http://www.splashevents.com23a7

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Lights, Camera, Action – Detroit & Venus Models Online Friday, Dec 12 2008 

The recent deficit in the city of Detroit has attracted much more than the anger of Metro Detroiters. Recently the Governor has allowed the lights of Hollywood to shine on our fair city. The latest attraction of Movie Directors is Metro Detroit. Several major motion pictures are scheduled to start filming here in the D!

Yes you heard right. This could be the chance you have been waiting for. Venus Models Online would love for you to succeed in these pictures so we are providing a podcast that will be available each week giving you tips on how to land the winning roll, star in the film, and see all your dreams come true. Stay tuned for the official announcement of our new podcast.

Now we can’t guarantee your success that of course hinges on several factors, but we do know that every little bit helps. That is why we are providing you with regular tips to get you going in the career of your dreams!

You can view several projects in the works in the film industry here in metro Detroit by visiting the links below:

Venus Models Online assists in staffing trade shows, special events, actors, actresses, bartenders, Waitstaff, and anything else you may need at your next special event or trade show. If you want to star in a movie, work in an event, or trade show, parties, etc…Let us know that too because we also assist in finding gigs.

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit:

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Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Ford Field Monday, Nov 24 2008 

Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Ford Field

Madonna Sticky & Sweet at the Ford Field

Musical Icon Madonna was sizzlin’ when she hit the stage on November 18th @ the Ford Field. She filled the arena holding over 80,000 roaring fans to what could only be known as a “Night to Remember” by all who attended. Some were stunned by her guitar tricks while others were mesmerized by her heated performance. Venus Models Online was fortunate enough to be at the Ford Field on the 18th to witness this grand event.

Madonna’s memorable performance on November 18th is still the talk of Detroiters everywhere. Her energy filled the arena, and her creative vibe is still reverberation there today. Additionally Madonna is scheduled to perform tomorrow in Atlanta Georgia at the Philip’s Arena and November 26th in Miami Florida. We will continue to watch her progress and bring you the latest scoop on her continued “Sticky & Sweet Tour” as it progresses.

In other fascinating Madonna news her mission to aid in assisting girls in Malawi, Africa is continuing. Madonna has dedicated her time and efforts off stage to building a Girls academy for the children of Africa. She is requesting our assistance in financial, voluntarism, and word of mouth to make her project a success. If you are interested in putting in your helping hands you can get more information on her website at:

And still more news in the world of Madonna when the Jay Leno Show set out a very special mission for a raging Madonna fan/ and staff member. Ross Mathews of the Jay Leno Show made it his mission to meet and physically meet Madonna before her concert on November 13th. Tune in to the website to find out if he completed his mission.

We at Venus Models Online want to say (WE Love you Madonna) we would like for you to use some of our dancers if you ever need them for your Sticky and Sweet tour or any of your upcoming events. We can even provide you some video footage of our dancers.
Go to

Say tuned all this week for more “What’s Up” with Madonna news!

Until next time,

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit:

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Super Bowl 2009 & Venus Models Online Saturday, Nov 22 2008 

Are you looking to have the party of the century? Are you living in a nightmare making things happen, food, staffing, models—and the models…and more models? Do you want your party to be one people will remember? Venus Models Online is a great staffing company to ensure you have top quality staff, and the best models for your big event and an affordable price. Venus Models Online ensures dependability at a price we all can afford.

Provided by Venus Models Online

Provided by Venus Models Online

Provided By Venus Models Online

Provided By Venus Models Online


Venus Models Online staffing believes there is no number too high – – or too low. So whether your party is a big one – – or just your friends and family. Look to Venus Models Online to provide you with the best models, wait-staff, and bartenders in the business! Venus Models Online provides staffing in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and any other city you can think of…

For more information on pricing, available times, or any other questions you have visit:  

The SEMA Show Convention 2008 & Venus Models Online Friday, Nov 14 2008 

Venus Models Online was at this grand event this year. In Attendance 120,000 leaders in the Auto industry. Sharing products, services, and educational material the SEMA show attracts visitors from over 100 countries. One of the biggest events of the year.

Venus Models Online assisted in the staffing of some of the events of the convention. Take a look at this picture of the event.

2008 SEMA Show Las Vegas Nevada

2008 SEMA Show Las Vegas Nevada

Each year Auto enthusiasts and even those just curious attend the convention lasting about four days the SEMA show is a highlight of some of the things Las Vegas has to offer. For more information on the SEMA Show visit:

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit:

National Auto Show Event Staffing: Venus Models Online Introduces SEMA 2008 Tuesday, Nov 11 2008 

This month Venus Models Online provided staffing for several vendors at the 2008 SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nevada. Looking ahead at some of the upcoming schedules Venus Models Online would like to assist you with your staffing for the International 2009 Auto Show, after Parties, and Gala’s throughout the United States.

SEMA 2008 went off without a hitch and to show you a bit of the excitement we are providing you with pictures of the event.

SEMA Show 2008

SEMA Show 2008

Additionally Venus Models Online is working on Staffing for the upcoming PRI Show and if you are interested you can contact us right away…need a model last minute to cover your advertising ads, website, or just to look pretty at your event? Venus Models Online is the staffing solution for you. We also have staffing for Bartenders, Caterers, and Waitstaff to fit your needs. You tell us what you need and we will provide it.

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Aspiring Models, Bartenders, Waitstaff of the Attractive Kind! Staffing and Promotion at Venus Models Online Tuesday, Jul 22 2008 

Have you thought of being a model at trade shows around the world? Looking for the ultimate dream job bartending for trade shows and special events? Venus Models Online provides those jobs to you. Venus Models Online is a staffing company for the Attractive at heart and soul! Be a part of our fabulous Agency.

Venus Services:

Competitive pay


Jobs on call

Your dream Job

Venus Models Online helps you get the jobs you need and can’t find anywhere else. Special events in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and many more!

If you have a special event and are having problems with current contracts contact for help with your projects, Trade Shows, and Special Events!

Until Next Time,