Understanding the Model Friday, Nov 7 2008 

Over the course of decades there have been several agents come and go. The difference between the modeling agency Venus Models Online and todays agency is the way we view our models. Finding a placement for our models is important to us; but not as important as finding a place that fits our models.

Why is this important? Not only should the model fit what the client is looking for but if the model is not comfortable with the placement he/she is in they can not perform to their fullest. So it is equally important that they can fit hand in hand.

Getting to know your models is more than just ensuring a pretty face but additionally getting to know them, their demeanor, and attitude towards the game. For instance:

Demeanor: Their demeanor will often depict how the shot will go. If they are in an especially agitated mood it will reflect on the camera. If they are not comfortable there it will reflect in the camera making it difficult to do the shoot.

Attitude: quite often the attitude of the model will reflect how they act, listen, and produce on location. If the model has a particular attitude at that time, they may be a bit frustrated, a bit temperamental when the shoot is experiencing difficulty, overall if the model is too moody there may not be a way to get a good shoot out of that model.

It is not just the agencies responsibility to ensure a good shoot. The model plays a large part in its outcome and will determining overall how the shoot will go. If they are flexible much can get done. If they are open minded they can create the vibe needed to get the photos right in the shoot.

Finding your light whether you are the client or the model is important. Helping any way you can will ensure a good experience whether you are in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Houston, or any other city.

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Talent TV on Venus Models Online! Thursday, Nov 6 2008 

Be a Star!

For many years we have struggled as artists to display our talent to those who matter…or so we think. Today we are merely asking you to trust us and give us your all. We have provided a section of our website that can showcase those talents without industry judgment but peer judgment.

Allow your fellow peers the opportunity to view and comment on your talent. Let them review what you are showcasing and give real opinions to you of ways to improve your game for the big time!

If you think you have what it takes and want to showcase your talent…Tune into Talent TV on Venus Models Online…showing all types of talent and the not so talented…If you want to see how you rank tune back in and listen to what your peers are talking about….or simply ask.

Whether you are in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, or any other place around the world merely send your video footage to info@venusmodelsonline.com or simply send us the link if you are posted on Youtube…Facebook…or Myspace and we can get you on Talent TV!

For Additional Information Visit: www.venusmodelsonline.com

Talent TV on Venus Models Online!

Coming soon to a computer near year!

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