The telephone rings- “Hello” I say with a smile “This is XYZ Company and I am looking for the perfect model. So far we had no luck finding the right measurements and I was wondering if you could help me” she says politely “Well I am not sure but we will certainly try our best.” I say with a glistening smile. I spent several weeks checking for the measurements until we found Amy! She was a gem and I rushed to let them know. They were very pleased with our success.

Amy did the event and when it was time to pay…..we say a whole new side of XYZ Company. They said that we did not find the model for them…that we were merely scoundrels looking for money…”

Freeze frame—

“Ethics is a big part if not the biggest part in business…treating people like this is the worst thing a business could do to another business…besides stealing customers of course!”


“We took them to court with all our evidence…voice recordings…and emails…etc…and the XYZ Company decided to settle out of court…how much? Our secret!”

The moral of this story? Don’t treat others this way. Whether you are in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, or Los Vegas it is unethical and it degrades your company as well as all that work for you. Venus Models Online doesn’t put up with it and neither should you!

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