(December 22nt through January 19th)

Born under the earth element and the symbol of the goat. The Capricorn man has a self made brick around him he’s shy but strong and tough. He is to the extreme discipline, calm, steady hardworking, stern, driven, stubborn, a thinker pessimistic and patient. He may come off very arrogant and gets discouraged at times and believe it or not he is a dreamer and will put his family in high regard. He is most likely to succeed in accumulating wealth and power and he is always dressed for the occasion.

Though he doesn’t show it, he wants admiration as much as other people. It’s just that a Capricorn male is too shy to express his feeling openly. He may not respond well to complements: he may pass it off as a joke say something off the wall or ignore it all together when the complements come but no matter what he says keep the complements coming he needs to hear it. This man is very traditional he will expect you to take care of home cook clean and be dressed well in front of friends and family.

He is one of the few men who are very serious in his youth and tend to relax with age. When all your old classmates start developing wrinkles, he will look as well as act like a college-going guy. He is like a richer wine as he becomes older.

Beyond his tough and no non sense exterior, he has a gentle and caring heart that will love you when your hair turns gray for him he will always remember you as the women that made him say I love you. He will make a loyal husband.

Best Careers for Capricorns: Film producer, manager, politician, police officer, stockbroker, doctor, president, school principal, CEO, financial planner, banking, business owner, architect, creative director, and Real Estate

Best Signs for Capricorns to Date: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio

Worst Signs for Capricorn to Date: is Aires and Libra

Famous Capricorn Men:

Denzel Washington, LL Cool J, Tiger Woods, Anthony Hopkins, Ricky Martin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jared Leto, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, David Bowie, John Singleton, Elvis Presley, Jim Carrey, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Patrick Dempsey, Steven Soderbergh, Kevin Costner, Muhammed Ali, Howard Stern, Rod Stewart, George Foreman, Gerard Depardieu, Ted Danson

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