Jennifer Hudson: A Patriotic Performance to Remember-Superbowl 2009 Monday, Feb 2 2009 

The Grammy Nominated Singer in her first performance since the deviating death of her family members last year. Her true spirit shined as she lightened ears on camera and off watching tonight’s performance. To match she wore her navy blues vest and white shirt, highlighting the ensemble in brilliant gold.

Along with her brilliant glow Jennifer stunned watching audiences with her tremendous vocal performance. The national anthem was truly a song that touched her heart. Many are already vocalizing their opinions of the singer online. Sharing their change in her status in many of the minds of the audience. She has definitely shown America what a true star she is.

Jennifer Hudson amazed many on the Third season of American Idol. Her performance was yet still shocking when see won her academy award, Sag award, and Golden globe awards for her part in “Dream Girls” in 2006. Now Shocking America once more with her performance in tonights Super Bowl.

Her next appearance? The Grammy Awards on February 8th. According to MTV she will be performing at this years Grammy’s. Next on her agenda. While many are awaiting her performance a few new faces will take notice after tonight!

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Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Ford Field Monday, Nov 24 2008 

Madonna Sticky & Sweet at Ford Field

Madonna Sticky & Sweet at the Ford Field

Musical Icon Madonna was sizzlin’ when she hit the stage on November 18th @ the Ford Field. She filled the arena holding over 80,000 roaring fans to what could only be known as a “Night to Remember” by all who attended. Some were stunned by her guitar tricks while others were mesmerized by her heated performance. Venus Models Online was fortunate enough to be at the Ford Field on the 18th to witness this grand event.

Madonna’s memorable performance on November 18th is still the talk of Detroiters everywhere. Her energy filled the arena, and her creative vibe is still reverberation there today. Additionally Madonna is scheduled to perform tomorrow in Atlanta Georgia at the Philip’s Arena and November 26th in Miami Florida. We will continue to watch her progress and bring you the latest scoop on her continued “Sticky & Sweet Tour” as it progresses.

In other fascinating Madonna news her mission to aid in assisting girls in Malawi, Africa is continuing. Madonna has dedicated her time and efforts off stage to building a Girls academy for the children of Africa. She is requesting our assistance in financial, voluntarism, and word of mouth to make her project a success. If you are interested in putting in your helping hands you can get more information on her website at:

And still more news in the world of Madonna when the Jay Leno Show set out a very special mission for a raging Madonna fan/ and staff member. Ross Mathews of the Jay Leno Show made it his mission to meet and physically meet Madonna before her concert on November 13th. Tune in to the website to find out if he completed his mission.

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Say tuned all this week for more “What’s Up” with Madonna news!

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Venus Staffing/Event Staffing Tips Thursday, Jul 3 2008 

Venus Staffing has been in the business for 7 years booking talent. I would like to talk to you today about having a successful special event when you’re giving a trade show, promotional event, or any special event.

With me being well versed in the business, I know most of my clients have big complaints about other agencies.

The biggest complaint I get from my customers when booking talent through other agencies they get a lot of no call no shows. This gives an event planner decrees in the success of the event. To avoid no call no shows I have some tips for you. When booking talent with companies do these things

1. Make sure you make it very clear to your booking agent it is very important that each model/talent show up to work on time
2. Ask your agent or agency if the staff provided is under contract with them this will decrees the level of no shows.
3.  Ask your booking agent is there anything in place in the agreement where the talent pays a fine if he or she does show up for work ( this gives the talent an incentive to show up for work)

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