3 Image Tips to Remember in the Music Business~ Thursday, Sep 23 2010 

When we think of our careers and where we want to go we rarely think of image as one of the keys to getting us there. However image can make or break a deal in the music or entertainment industry. In a perfect world it shouldn’t matter what you look like, or what you have but in reality it is all about having not only the talent but the right look at that time. Below are 3 image tips you should remember before stepping out into the entertainment industry.

Do your research: Yes, research on image, and style. Looking at the top leaders in your talent or industry will tell you what the audiences are responding to now. Additionally looking into the different career levels and their images will help you determine what helps with longevity after all that is the ultimate goal.

If you are planning to be singer and singing is your talent, no matter if you are male or female look at the artists that have reached platinum or higher and been in the field for 10-20 years. What makes them stand out from the crowd.

Analyze your current look: Take the time out to review your overall image. Determine what message you want to portray to your audience, and what feels comfortable. The truth is image is often the most difficult part of getting a new artist started. Why? Because you need to play to the audiences but you need to still be yourself while doing it!

Gather the opinions of outsiders: Taking the time to ask others what they think of your image and what they would change doesn’t make you look “bad, or inexperienced” and it will give you a unbiased opinion. The truth is we all think we look good in what we pick out but this isn’t all about you, it has to be about your fans as well.

Remember that though it is your image and expression it is also about how you want your audiences to perceive you and what they want in an artist. The entertainment industry has its corks but if you are truly serious about wanting it, you will take the extra steps needed to get there and listen to your constructive feedback with open ears and eyes!



Susan Boyle will sing in Scotland~ Monday, Jun 15 2009 


Singer Susan Boyle is scheduled to rejoin the “Britain’s Got Talent” live tour on Monday according to her spokeswomen.

The 48-year old Scottish singer took a break but is scheduled to perform in Glasgow this Monday night.

“She had one rest day, but she will be back on stage tonight, Susan Boyle is scheduled to take part in the rest of the tour which will run until early July.

Susan Talks to the Queen of talk

Her appearance on the TV talent show generated had millions of YouTube hits and compliments from around the world; she was hospitalized a few weeks ago for exhaustion after finishing second in the competition.

She received standing ovations at the tour’s previous shows in Birmingham and Sheffield.

Were looking forward to hear more from the singing sensation.

Chris Brown and Rhianna: Stay In the Spotlight Thursday, Apr 9 2009 

After Tuesday’s shocking “Not Guilty Plea” in the Los Angeles courtroom Chris Brown remains relatively calm. However the bright spotlights of the “Victim” Rhianna remain shadowed. She returned home to the LAX airport after her trip to Barbados to more spotlight and gave a thumbs up in the anxiety filled moment. As paparazzi gathered around for a photo opp.

Rhianna continues to state her intentions are not to enter the court room however she will if called. Rhianna’s father on the other hand is upset with the plea and offered a loud opinion of the young superstar stating Brown “Needs to stop being in denial” the concerned father continues to stand by his daughter. Continuing to say “I just want to see justice going in the right direction.” Ronald Fenty has shown his support to Rhianna thought this ordeal and is a concerned parent looking for closure.

Brown continues to deny charges even after the Rhianna stated he was the alleged assailant all along. The attorneys will return to court on April 29th to set a date for the pre-liminary hearing – will Chris Brown attend.

The judge stated his presence is not needed. No one is sure what the hearing will bring or what the young singer plans to do if convicted of the two felonies; but Rhianna is waiting to get her life back. According to Donald Etra Rhianna’s attorney who stated:

“She would be pleased if it was over quickly.”

As for the Chris Brown only time will tell.

The SEMA Show Convention 2008 & Venus Models Online Friday, Nov 14 2008 

Venus Models Online was at this grand event this year. In Attendance 120,000 leaders in the Auto industry. Sharing products, services, and educational material the SEMA show attracts visitors from over 100 countries. One of the biggest events of the year.

Venus Models Online assisted in the staffing of some of the events of the convention. Take a look at this picture of the event.

2008 SEMA Show Las Vegas Nevada

2008 SEMA Show Las Vegas Nevada

Each year Auto enthusiasts and even those just curious attend the convention lasting about four days the SEMA show is a highlight of some of the things Las Vegas has to offer. For more information on the SEMA Show visit: http://www.semashow.com

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit: http://www.venusmodelsonline.com

Talent TV on Venus Models Online! Thursday, Nov 6 2008 

Be a Star!

For many years we have struggled as artists to display our talent to those who matter…or so we think. Today we are merely asking you to trust us and give us your all. We have provided a section of our website that can showcase those talents without industry judgment but peer judgment.

Allow your fellow peers the opportunity to view and comment on your talent. Let them review what you are showcasing and give real opinions to you of ways to improve your game for the big time!

If you think you have what it takes and want to showcase your talent…Tune into Talent TV on Venus Models Online…showing all types of talent and the not so talented…If you want to see how you rank tune back in and listen to what your peers are talking about….or simply ask.

Whether you are in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, or any other place around the world merely send your video footage to info@venusmodelsonline.com or simply send us the link if you are posted on Youtube…Facebook…or Myspace and we can get you on Talent TV!

For Additional Information Visit: www.venusmodelsonline.com

Talent TV on Venus Models Online!

Coming soon to a computer near year!

Until next time….

Modeling Tips – Finding an Agent Wednesday, Oct 1 2008 

Breaking into the world of modeling is quite a challenge in today’s competitive world. However there are some things you can do to not only improve your chances in finding a good agent but also to protect yourself when you find one. Finding an agent shouldn’t be all about if they will accept you; you must be satisfied with them as well.

Below are a few tips to help you out:

Tip 1: Build a suitable portfolio- This is a very important step. Any agency you go too will want to see your portfolio. Setting up quality head shots will help them see you. Make sure they are taken with mild make-up and they are able to see your face clearly. It is important not to overdo them it will be hard for the agent to see the working template if there is too much or your face is hidden.

Tip 2: Be Persistent- This is important because there will be many “Rejections” in your search. You must understand that just because you are not suitable for one agent doesn’t mean you are not perfect for the next. Keeping high spirits will make it easier to move to the next prospective agent.

Tip 3: Find an Agent You are Comfortable with- Learning to be confident in yourself and not settling is another important step. Find an agent you feel comfortable working with take your time and remember you are placing your career in their hands.

Tip 4: Make sure your Interests are Protected- Quite often when someone places a contract before us we are so excited we don’t read it thoroughly. Be sure you take your time and don’t rush into it. If you are not sure about the contract take it to a lawyer have them read it. If they are a good agent they will understand.

Take your modeling seriously and don’t rush it. It will come just have the confidence and don’t settle for what looks good!

Venus Models Online is a company that provides promotional event staffing and beverage servers for your special events nation wide. We provide superior talent 24-hour customer service and competitive rates for your company needs. We handle promotional and trade show event staffing. For more information visit: http://www.venusmodelsonline.com