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Do you need any tips on planning your next special event?

With me being well versed in the business, I know most of my clients have big complaints about other agencies/event staffing companies

The biggest complaint I get from my customers when booking talent and events through other agencies is; they get a lot of no call no shows. This gives an event planner a big decrease in the success of the event. To avoid no call no shows I have some tips for you. When booking talent with companies do these things

1. Make sure you make it very clear to your booking agent it is very important that each model/talent/bartender to show up to work on time

2. Ask your agent or agency if the staff they are providing is under contract with them this will decrees the level of no shows.

3.  Ask your booking agent is there anything in place in the agreement where the talent/event staff pays a fine if he or she does show up for work (this gives the talent an incentive to show up for work).

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Tips providing by Venus Hurst from Venus Models Online!

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Pre-Super Bowl Events, Entertainment, and Information From Venus Models Online Monday, Dec 1 2008 

The Super Bowl is almost here and you can already feel the tension in the air. The thrills of the Super Bowl are around the corner and everyone is looking for the latest gossip, travel discounts, and parties for the year to come. Super Bowl XLIII 2009 will be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay Florida.

Raymond James Stadium can hold over 65,000 and a masts a large ship as its most recognizable feature. The ship “The Mighty Pirate Ship” is over 100 feet long and sounds off with 7 cannon shots when the Buccaneers score a touchdown and three for field goals. The Mighty Pirate Ship sits cozy in Buccaneers Cove. In addition the stadium offers a bit of peace of mind for fan parents giving them the option of using their free service “Tag-a-Kid” which provides the child with a wrist band that will allow for the child to be returned to the parents seats in the event they are separated for any reason.

It is the rumor that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be entertaining the masses at halftime in 2009. The last time Tampa Bay hosted a Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXV in 2001 when the Ravens beat the Giants.

Tampa Bay is already preparing for the big event with a calendar of events and count downs to the big day Tampa Bay has done its homework including attending Super Bowl 2008 taking note of the entire event to help ensure theirs goes off without a hitch!

Events hosted in Tampa Bay to entertain visitor and residents include, Habitat for Humanities Super Build Blitz, Par & Poker Celebrity Challenge, and Lights on Tampa to name a few. Events are continuing to be added to the list and you can find out more on Pre-Super Bowl Events in Tampa Bay by visiting www.tampabaysuperbowl.com

Tampa Bay Models "Venus Models Online"

Tampa Bay Models

The months ahead are filled with Fan fun and Venus Models Online want to make sure you are staffed for all your Super Bowl festivities. If you are looking for great staffing and great models visit www.venusmodelsonline.com. For more information and keep up to date on your Super Bowl information and links right here!

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