3 Image Tips to Remember in the Music Business~ Thursday, Sep 23 2010 

When we think of our careers and where we want to go we rarely think of image as one of the keys to getting us there. However image can make or break a deal in the music or entertainment industry. In a perfect world it shouldn’t matter what you look like, or what you have but in reality it is all about having not only the talent but the right look at that time. Below are 3 image tips you should remember before stepping out into the entertainment industry.

Do your research: Yes, research on image, and style. Looking at the top leaders in your talent or industry will tell you what the audiences are responding to now. Additionally looking into the different career levels and their images will help you determine what helps with longevity after all that is the ultimate goal.

If you are planning to be singer and singing is your talent, no matter if you are male or female look at the artists that have reached platinum or higher and been in the field for 10-20 years. What makes them stand out from the crowd.

Analyze your current look: Take the time out to review your overall image. Determine what message you want to portray to your audience, and what feels comfortable. The truth is image is often the most difficult part of getting a new artist started. Why? Because you need to play to the audiences but you need to still be yourself while doing it!

Gather the opinions of outsiders: Taking the time to ask others what they think of your image and what they would change doesn’t make you look “bad, or inexperienced” and it will give you a unbiased opinion. The truth is we all think we look good in what we pick out but this isn’t all about you, it has to be about your fans as well.

Remember that though it is your image and expression it is also about how you want your audiences to perceive you and what they want in an artist. The entertainment industry has its corks but if you are truly serious about wanting it, you will take the extra steps needed to get there and listen to your constructive feedback with open ears and eyes!



What is Michael Jackson’s Estate and Assets Worth? Wednesday, Jul 1 2009 



The legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson has just past away June 25,2009 at age 50 of coarse the King of pop has an estate: with Speculations and rumors of the King of pop going broke many question what was the king of pop acutely worth.

Court documents estimated the current value of his estate at more than $500 million.

One of Jackson’s most lucrative assets is his stake in the massive Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog, which includes music by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers, and is estimated to be worth as much as $2 billion dollars The five-page will is signed by Jackson, and each paragraph includes Jackson’s scrawling initials.

It names his mother, Katherine Jackson, 79, as a beneficiary of the trust and the guardian of Jackson’s children, who are also named as beneficiaries of the trust.

It also names entertainer Diana Ross as a successor guardian for the children and their estates if something happens to Katherine Jackson.

Ross introduced the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan Show in the late 1960s and was instrumental in launching their career. She was a lifelong friend of Michael Jackson.

Jackson’s longtime lawyer John Branca and John McClain, a music executive and a family friend, are named in the will as co-executors.

Katherine Jackson was granted temporary guardianship Monday of Jackson’s three children. A judge held off on requests to control the children’s estates.

The executors moved quickly to take control of all of Michael Jackson’s property, going to court Wednesday to challenge a previous ruling by the judge that gave Katherine Jackson control of 2,000 items from Neverland.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said Katherine Jackson will retain authority over the items until another hearing set for Monday.

Michael Jackson’s Father Joe Jackson has told reporters that his son will not be buried at Neverland, the family wants to honor Michaels request to never return to Neverland.

According to a lot of TV an Internet News Michael Jackson’s Accuser Jody Chandler admits Michael Jackson never touched him and his parents made him lie.

The King of Pop will be missed and his music will love forever.

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US reporters sentenced to 12 years Labor~ Monday, Jun 8 2009 


South Korea Journalists Held

South Korea – North Korea convicted two American journalists and sentenced them Monday to 12 years of hard labor for crossing into its territory, intensifying the reclusive nation’s confrontation with the United States.

The incident transpired from former Vice President Al Gore’s San Francisco-based Current TV media venture/project. The Obama administration will take action and pursue.
“All possible channels” to win the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee,

North Korea is seeking to draw Washington into direct negotiations.

North Korean guards arrested Ling and Lee near the China-North Korean border on March 17. They were reporting about the trafficking of North Korean women at the time of their arrest.

The two US journalists were found guilty of committing a “grave crime” against North Korea and of illegally entering the country, North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency said. A cameraman and their local guide were able to escape.

The ruling took place three months after the US journalist were arrested.

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Where is Air France Flight 477? It’s still missing without a trace~ Friday, Jun 5 2009 


Air France Flight AF 447, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France left Sunday at 07:00 p.m. local time with 228 people on board and has gone missing since three hours into the flight.

Items pulled from sea on Thursday were not debris from Air France, causing  investigators to go back to square one on finding out the mystery of flight 477.

Air traffic controllers lost contact with the Airbus A330 as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the Agency France-Press news agency reported.

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