For many of us the road to love has been a long and bumpy one. With many trials and tribulations along the way. The truth is several of us just float from relationship to bad relationship with no end in site. Are you tired of the same torn relationships? Not working? Trying to put your best foot forward and you seem to attract the same type of people?

Linda Goodman’s Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart maybe your answer. This book contains 994 pages of answers. The book shows you what your sign is compatible with and who your most attracted to, as well as why!

Quote From

As I say good night, with you I leave

the tales I tell, the word I weave

I ask you to spread them far and near

(To little child, to aged ear)

While I retreat to spin anew

More tales from the Tapestry for you

-Linda Goodman

Long time astrologist Linda Goodman gives you a guide that will steer you in the right direction. Giving you the added information you’ve been missing. The book can even help you with your arguing technique, and give helpful hints to make your current relationship more effective.

Linda Goodman was born in West Virginia in 1925. She published her first book on astrology in 1968 entitled Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Linda Goodman became the first astrologist to get a book on the New York Best Sellers list. Later her dear friend Crystal Bush obtained the rights to her name and published “Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs” in 1999.

It was said that Linda Goodman died in 1995 at the age of 70 it was said from diabetic complications however many of her beloved followers say she is still alive- anythings possible Linda herself has shown us that!

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