Naomi Campbell Attacks Limo Drives and Runs fro the Police~ Wednesday, Mar 3 2010 

Manhattan police were looking for the supermodel following a violent incident with her driver on Tuesday afternoon.

According to an NBC New York report former super model Naomi Campbell 39, have once again attacked another person. She became enraged with her chauffeur and — from the back seat — slapped and punched him as he drove. And, yes, Campbell allegedly struck her driver with her cell phone, he told authorities.
The driver then stopped the vehicle to call 911 and that’s when Naomi jumped out the car and ran.

Naomi Campbell likely will not face criminal charges after her driver told police she assaulted him from the back seat of a SUV, The Associated Press reports.
The 27-year-old driver decided not to file criminal charges, reports the AP, but it’s unclear if he will pursue the matter in civil court.
Though Naomi has not spoken to the police her spokesperson said she would corporate with authorities.

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Rihanna on the Cover of Glamour Magazine~ Wednesday, Nov 4 2009 



Glamour has named singer Rihanna one of their 2009 Women of the Year in there December 2009 issue — and now she’s speaking out to the magazine for the first time about the Chris Brown incident and the message she wants to send out to young women everywhere.


Glamour Magazine Cover

“It taught me so much,” she says of being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend and the aftermath that followed. “I went to sleep as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears. That was the level of media chaos that happened the next day. It was like, What, there are helicopters circling my house? There are 100 people in my cul-de-sac? What do you mean, I can’t go back home?”

Making the media circus even worse was the fact that photos of her badly bruised face circulated on the Internet.

“That is not a photo you would show to anybody,” she says. “I felt completely taken advantage of. I felt like people were making it into a fun topic on the Internet, and it’s my life. I was disappointed, especially when I found out the photo was [supposedly leaked by] two women.”

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Whitney Houston Comeback;I look to you Sunday, Aug 2 2009 


Whitney Houston album cover

Whitney Houston album cover

The beautiful and legendary Whitney Houston with the voice of an angel has released her first single in six years available in stores now, I look to you. Take a listen

The title track of her much-anticipated first album since 2002, which finally comes out September 1, is a stripped-down piano ballad that showcases Whitney’s world-famous voice.

“I Look To You” was previewed last week by Sony honcho/longtime Whitney mentor Clive Davis at a star-studded Beverly Hilton Hotel listening party famous faces such as (Jane Fonda, Barry Manilow, Halle Berry, Stevie Wonder, Magic Johnson and Alicia Keys who was also a song writer for the album), along with eight other well-received songs that indicated that the fallen queen of R&B/pop might finally be ready reclaim her throne.

The full album’s unveiling is less than four weeks away! Welcome back, Whitney.

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American Idol Contestant Killed in a hit and Run accident~ Tuesday, Jul 28 2009 


The 25-year-old two-times American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen was killed in a hit and run car accident.

American Idol

American Idol

Cohen, 25, who also appeared on the View, Live with Regis and Kelly and Howard Sterm’s radio show was struck early Saturday morning in Seaside Heights. Two passerby’s who called 911 found her around 4 a.m., Deputy Chief Michael Mohel of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office tells the Morning Call newspaper of her hometown, Allentown, Penn.

She was pronounced dead at 6:35 a.m. at the Community Medical Center in Toms River, N.J. Autopsy results show she suffered chest, head and abdominal injuries,

Daniel Bark, 23, was arrested around 6 p.m. Sunday and charged with causing Cohen’s death by reckless driving and leaving the scene of a collision, The Star-Ledger reports.

In a hearing today, Superior Court Judge Wendell E. Daniels said Bark will be also be charged with aggravated manslaughter, death by auto and eluding.

Bark is currently being held in Ocean County Jail in Toms River, N.J. on $185,000. His lawyer said: “He’s having an extremely difficult time mentally coming to terms with the fact that there’s an allegation that he caused a death. My client is in a state of mind where he is going to be under suicide watch.”

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Tony Orders Security to keep Jessica Simpson away~ Monday, Jul 27 2009 


Tony Romo broke up with Jessica the day before her 29th birthday and orders security to keep her away from him according to the new issue of US Weekly magazine.


The Dallas Cowboys quarterback instructed security to keep Simpson out of his gated community


The singer paid $19,000 on July 15 to ship 37 boxes worth of her belongings from Dallas to L.A. overnight, a source tells us.

Tony says the break up was due to Jessica’s obsession with her wait and her desperation for an engagement ring drove him away.

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Ryan Seacrest highest paid Reality TV Host~ Monday, Jul 27 2009 


American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest without a doubt is at the top of his game: his talent, witty remarks, and ability to let the contestants shine, landed him a $45 million dollar contract on American Idol Making him the highest-paid reality show host in history.


Ryan Seacrest has also hosts E! News and the annual “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” plus two radio shows, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” and “American Top 40,” which he took over from radio DJ god Casey Kasem.

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Chris Brown Pleads Guilty in Court~ Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 


Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault on pop star Rihanna.

Chris will have to spend 180 days in his home state of Virginia for a domestic violence labor program, and he’ll get 5 years probation for the assault charge.

Chris was ordered to enroll in a domestic violence counseling program, and if he violates the terms of his probation, he could face up to 4 years in state prison. Additionally, the judge is enforcing a stay away order in which Chris is not allowed to have contact with Rihanna, and he cannot come within 50 yards of her. When the two are at industry events, this distance will be reduced to 10 yards.

Rihanna, did not ask for a stay-away order, but the judge imposed one. The order requires that Brown and Rihanna stay at least 50 yards from each, except at industry events when the distance is reduced to 10 yards.

The judge informed Rihanna it’s not a one-way order and she will be in violation if she gets closer to Brown than the order allows.

Brown spoke softly throughout the hearing as he waived his rights and told the judge he understood the gravity of his plea.

Chris left the courtroom at approximately 2:14pm, and Rihanna didn’t enter the courtroom until after he left. She wore a black top and pearls, and as soon as the DA passed a copy of the protective order to her, she exited the courtroom.

Chris was once known for his squeaky-clean image now he has a blemish on his record. He must now also remain out of trouble for the foreseeable future.

The lawyers for Brown and Rihanna have refused to discuss the status of the pair’s relationship.

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Mariah Carey Fires Back at Eminiem with Hot New Track~ Wednesday, Jun 17 2009 


Super Star Mariah Carey is not happy with Eminiem . The Detroit Hip-hop Superstar Eminiem has made comments towards Mariah Carey although, Eminiem has been known to make one-liners towards several R&B singers Mariah Carey gets back, with a hot New Track.

Hear her response

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Bartenders/Event Staffing/Festival Staffing/Trade Show Staffing/Las Vegas Models/New York/Detroit Staffing/ Chicago Staffing/ Monday, Jun 1 2009 

WEC fight Chicago

WEC fight Chicago

Bartenders in Las Vegas

Bartenders in Las Vegas

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One Sticky and Sweet Show, A New Venture, and Marc Jacobs Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 

How does one approach a “Pop Icon?” While many of us will never know that experience, Marc Jacobs can tell you his experience in that arena. His approach when he asked the Pop Icon to join him in his new venture on Thursday.

According to his exact words on the concept of Madonna joining their venture were:


“be very bold, very sensual, and very atmospheric. To carry this off, we needed the ultimate performer- and for me, that is Madonna.”

Madonna’s Response to the offer? Quite simple…”I’d love to”…

Madonna is still working her way around the world with her Sticky and Sweet Tour and has already beaten her own record for most money made on a single tour entering the arena of 287 million dollars. Madonna is truly and exceptional musician her inspiration, creativeness, and brilliance has stunned us all over the ages.

While her hopeful new venture won’t be like the movies she is so experienced in like Arthur and the Invisibles from 2006 starring Robert DeNiro, and David Bowie. Two great characters themselves…it will highlight the areas we all know she is great at. Her exotic look, her creative ideas, and of course her brilliant performances that she has shown us time and time again.

For those of you who are not sure Marc Jacobs has been working with French design brand Louis Vuitton since 1998. He has collaborated with the company helping to start their world known “Graffiti Line” and worked with several celebrities in Advertising campaigns world wide. His latest venture is shapping up to include Madonna only time will tell!

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